Best Dildos for 2015 Reviews

Are you looking for the ideal dildo? Congratulations, in a few minutes, you will have your perfect, hard, best dildo en route. This dildo, the Feeldoe by Tantus, is great for single girls, straight couples, and lesbian couples. Continue reading to have this orgasm-producing-machine of your wildest (and wettest) dreams delivered to you in a nice, discrete, convenient box.

The Feeldoe by Tantus is the Best Dildo of 2015

Single, straight, or lesbian, the Tantus Feeldoe will deliver. Made of 100% Dual Density Premium Silicon, the Feeldoe has no odor and is firm yet flexible. The secret lies in its hard inner shaft with smooth outer layer, similar to the biology of a real penis.

There's a Feeldoe in your favorite size. Click here for Classic, Slim, Stout, or More.

There’s a Feeldoe in the right size for you. Click here for Classic, Slim, Stout, or More.

The upward curve allow for maximum control and, with the oblong end, gives the operator the ability to work multiple angles.

The Feeldoe is Amazing for Single Girls

The Feeldoe will give you powerful sensations no man has ever given you. Read what other women have said.

The Feeldoe will give you powerful sensations no man has ever given you. Read what other women have said.

During solo-play, the user can control it by grasping the handle to powerfully thrust the Feeldoe inside while precisely hitting the right spots. Both ends, the phallic end or oblong end, gives an amazing sensation that is like the real thing or totally unlike anything you’ve ever experience, respectively.

Its quiet vibrator allows you to increase the intensity while disturbing no one. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, the Feeldoe has the size that’ll pleasure you the most in a color that suits your taste.

Couples Love the Variety the Feeldoe Gives

For straight couples, the Feeldoe is the ultimate toy. Slim, slender, and in an elegant color, it gives a fun and inviting welcome; leaving plenty of room for a partner’s member to finish the rest.

Its gives you a new, unique experience to sex that you’ve never had before, with or without a toy.

The male partner can use the Feeldoe as: a vibrator on the female’s vulva, a dildo to penetrate her with, a vibrator to place inside of her vagina, or a buttplug.

The versatility allows for more imaginative play.

The Feeldoe Gives Lesbian the Closest Thing

Penetrate or be penetrated by your partner. The Feeldoe gives the ability to do so with no harness while stimulating both partners. Read more.

Penetrate or be penetrated by your partner. The Feeldoe gives the ability to do so with no harness while stimulating both partners. Read more.

For lesbian sex, the Feeldoe allows one partner to insert the bulb end into their vagina and hold it in place by contracting their PC muscles. This gives the thrusting partner the feeling of having the Feeldoe be a phallic extension which she penetrates her partner with. The receving partner can feel the thruster’s power as the Feeldoe goes in and out of her. This intimate experience is heightened when the Feeldoe’s vibrating function is turned on. The sensation is a personal, intimate wave of ecstasy that both you and your partner will feel.

A Special Price for You

Tantus recommends the Feeldoe at $161 however, right now, on, you can buy the Feeldoe at the deeply discounted price of $66. That’s a saving of $95. You will NOT find the Feeldoe at this price elsewhere.

The price includes free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Non-members can receive free standard shipping, a $10 value, included in the $66 price.

The packaging comes to your door in a discrete, ordinary brown Amazon box. The box size and weight is similar to a hardcover novel and none will be the wiser.

When you open the box, you’ll find the Feeldoe package safely tucked away in bubble packs.

With batteries included, you can simply open the package, insert the batteries, and sneak away to a blissful heaven.

Click here to buy the Feeldoe now.

Customers Love the Feeldoe

Amazon reviewer HP1982 bought the Feeldoe for her and her boyfriend and she liked it so much that she took out the time to write a review, something she never does. She states that the Feeldoe is easy to operate, clean, and, most importantly, extremely fun. She stats that her boyfriend enjoys it as well. Why not get something both you and your partner will enjoy? Click here to read her review.

Amazon reviewer Ashley stated that the Feeldoe has no odor and allows for an extremely intimate penetration experience. She states “IF YOU ARE A LESBIAN YOU SIMPLY MUST OWN THIS.” We agree. Click here to read her review.

What about single girls? Would the Feeldoe be right for you? Of course! The Feeldoe feels like a hard, stiff cock and, when lubricated, slides in and out just like the real thing. The oblong end allows for a totally different feel that’s, well, better than anything a guy can give you ;). What’s more, the Feeldoe’s vibration feature will be something you’ll wish men had. When you do have a partner, the Feeldoe serve as a great, unique shared experience, as other reviewers stated.

Read to give it a try?

Click here to have the Feeldoe delivered to your door in a discrete and private way.

No need to get up.

No trips to perverted stores.

No hassles.

Click here to buy your Feeldoe now.

Three Honourably Mentioned Sex Toys

Master Series

Dual Dildo
master series dual dildo

Simply Blown

Siamese Glass Dildo
simply blown siamese

Clone a Willy

Dildo Kit
clone a willy

$60 – Best Dildo$160$50

Master Series Stainless Steel Dual Dildo Review

It looks like a faucet. The Master Series stainless steel Dual Dildo is perfect for those who want a safe, enjoyable dildo that’ll last for a long, long time.

Made of stainless steel, you can easily heat it up or cool it down for temperature play.

The dildo is easy to clean, store, and maintain.

Unlike other dildos, this one won’t melt or react with lube.

For $60, this is a steal. Read the reviews here.

Simply Blown Siamese Glass Dildo Review

Simply Blown Siamese Glass dildo is a perfect mix of art and toy. It looks great and can easily be passed off as a centerpiece. This wished for dildo is a best seller and unrivaled in the glass dildo category.

You’ll find this dildo smooth to the touch, safe, and very enjoyable. The glass surface can be easily lubricated and is durable.

For $160, this hand crafted dildo will make you smile.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.

Clone a Willie Review

Clone a Willie will let you make a custom dildo of your SO, boyfriend or husband’s penis. This product has been featured on PlayBoy, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and several other magazines. You’ll love this toy when travel or anytime you’re away from your SO.

For just $50, its a steal.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.

What is a Dildo?

A dildo is an adult sex toy. Other sex toys and adult products include butt plugs (also spelled buttplugs), vibrators (sometimes misspelled as vibrater), dolls, and lingerie. Types of dildos include: strap-on dildos, glass dildos, vibrating dildos, huge dildos, and double-ended dildos. Dildos are used by couples, gay, straight, and lesbian. Dildos can be inserted vaginally, anally, or orally. Dildos can come in the appearance of a penis or a non-phallic shape. Dildos are sold at sex boutiques, sex shops, online sexy shops, and adult products stores.

A dildo is not a vibrator and a vibrator is not a dildo. However, there can be overlap.

A dildo does not vibrate but a vibrator that’s turned off can be used as a dildo. There are vibrators that can not be used as dildos however (ie egg shaped ones). Obviously, dildos that have no vibrating function (ie glass dildos) will never be vibrators.

Recent Dildo News

  • A lady is throwing dildos onto power lines in Portland, OR. Read it on Vice or NYPost.
  • CNN mistaken a gay pride flag that mocks the ISIS flag as an ISIS flag. Read it on Salon.

What to Look for in the Greatest Dildo

Before you consider any other feature in a dildo, make sure that it is a safe, non-toxic dildo. This is the most important thing because, in the US, sex toys are classified as novelties and, because of that unregulated. This results in sex toys being produced out of toxic materials so that they can be sold at low prices. For example, a lot of the popular dildos made of soft rubber/plastic contain toxins! These dildos also melt after time so it is best to avoid theses. is an organization that promotes proper sex toy education and awareness. They advise that people should only buy sex toys that are non-porous, not labeled as a novelty, and made of medical or food grade materials. This is because porous materials can harbor bacteria and novelties are not regulated. However, you can still use dildos that do not meet these requirements if you use a condom. This is not a best solution since most individuals say that condoms reduce the sensation.

In general, glass, metal, and cyberskin sex toys are optimal, safe, and durable. Cheap sex toys in the $30 range are usually the ones that are toxic. Also, popular sex toys such as the rabbit vibrator are toxic! Don’t let popularity fool you.

Another key point to consider when buying a dildo is the dildo’s size. If you are beginning, choose a smaller dildo to start out with. Choose one whose diameter is the maximum amount of fingers you can fit. Larger dildos take time to get used to and can result in serious injury if wrongly used. Make sure to properly warm up, use lube, and start slowly when you first use a dildo. Huge dildos, large dildos, and monster size dildos exist but these are for advanced users only!

If you live with others or are worried of people finding out about your sex toys, choose a dildo that resembles art. Many dildos look very, very realistic but these tend to look tacky to some individuals. Having an artistic dildo not only looks cool, it can also be passed off as something else to avoid embarrassing moment when your mom is helping you move.

What to Avoid in Any Dildo

If you want to have a fun time, make sure to avoid toxic dildos! As mentioned above, not a lot of people know that toxic dildos exist and, therefore, can experience some terrible moments when they realized their “”novelty”” toy was not meant for harsh use. Also avoid dildos that labeled novelties. These tend to be found at places such as Spencers who sell gag gifts. These dildos are terrible and should be avoided at all costs. Only buy high quality medical or food grade dildos.

How to Find the Best Dildo

To find an unbeatable dildo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find out how many fingers you can comfortably fit. This would be used as a guide to see which size dildo you would like. Start off with a reasonably sized dildo before you work your way up to monster sizes.
  2. See which designs you like. Dildos can be realistic or artistic. Pick one that matches your personality and feels good with you.
  3. See which features you want. There are ejaculating dildos, custom cast dildos, and even inflatable dildos. If you want a dildo in the shape of your partner’s penis, a custom dildo would be for you. If you are looking for a dildo that can ejaculate, you can find ejaculating dildos online. Inflatable dildos let you have a dildo that will go to multiple sizes and are great for travel.
  4. Find a price range that will work for you. Dildos can be as cheap as $20 and can go up to several hundred or thousands of dollars. Yes, you can buy a golden dildo. Pick a price range before hand before you get too carried away!
  5. See if the dildo is safe. Make sure it is not a novelty, made of non-food or non-medical grade materials, and make sure that it is durable and will not break during use.
  6. Once you’ve purchased your dildo and are ready for your first use, make sure to wash your dildo: there might be oils or other stuff on it from the manufacturing process.
  7. After that, lube up, start slowly, and have fun!

Best Dildo Brands

Here are some top rated brands in the adult sex toy industry.

  • Njoy – This company produces only stainless steel sex toys that are safe, fun, durable, and elegant to look at. The company has good ethics and is present at the AVNs. Among the industry, njoy is known for its elegant design, durability, and craftsmanship. The stainless steel used is 316 medical grade. This steel is easy to clean, safe, and even used for hip replacements.
  • Nobessence – Located in Texas, this American producer of wood sex toys began as a couple who were experimenting. After meeting a wood worker whom the couple got to craft a G-spot dildo for, the couple found that wood sex toys were amazing and began selling them to friends. That was how Nobessence took off. Now, a leader in wood sex toys, Nobessence produces safe wood sex toys with an easy to clean coating.
  • Tantus – Tantus produces a wide range of sex toys and adult products ranging from lube all the way to vibraters. They specialize in stray-on dildos but their dildos are also fine for solo play or non-strap-on use. Located in Nevada, Tantus produces all their dildos with ultra-premium silicon.
  • Vixen – Vixen creations produces silicon sex toys. These sex toys are made from platinum silicon which is non-porous, safe, and life like. The material heats up nicely. Vixen also has a gemstone line, which is a great, beautiful sex toy for the adventurous.
  • Lelo – As the first designer sex toy brand, Lelo, a Swedish based company, offers a wide variety of dildos, vibrators, and everything in between. These are great for those who want to indulge.
  • Ophoria – Ophoria uses only medical grade Japanese silicon for all its toys. This results in safe sex toys that are smooth to the touch. The experience is orgasmic.

Best Sex Toy Materials

There are many materials commonly used to produce Dildos. Below are the most common ones. Some are to be avoided while others are amazing.

  • Medical grade silicon – This is the best type of silicon to use. It is safe for play, non-porous, and durable.
  • Non-medical grade silicon – If they don’t state that its medical grade, its not. Non-medical grade silicon might be toxic. Avoid.
  • Plastic – Avoid. These are cheap and fail to deliver the intimate experience you want.
  • Rubber – Toxic once again. These also melt if exposed to certain chemicals.
  • Wood – Look for ones with only a safe coating. The coating is what matters the most. Wood is a great material for its durability, smooth finish, and elegant look.
  • Steel – Great for heat play. If you want to feel a slightly cold touch, leave it in the fridge. For a warm touch, place it in warm water. Safe as well.
  • Cyberskin – avoid. This is porous. Why would you want to place a condom on a dildo?
  • Glass – awesome material for dildos. These dildos will give you a great heat play, solid feel, and looks great in your drawer.

How to Care for your Dildo

Make sure you wash your dildo between use to keep it clean. 100% silicon dildos are non-porous. Soft plastics are porous so make sure you place a condom on them if sharing with others. Glass, metal, wood, and hard plastics are non-porous.

If your dildo vibrates, make sure to replace them with matching batteries at the same time.

Above all, stay safe! If you’re using your dildo with bondage play, make sure its the right length.


Feeldoe Review by Peter Conrad. 5 out of 5 rating. Date 2015-6-4.

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