Best Dildos For Lesbian Sex

The oldest dildo is about thirty thousand years old which means that people have always used sex toys for enhancing sexual pleasure be it for masturbation or during intercourse. This is true not only for heterosexual but also for gay and lesbian couples. Although girls can use their hands, fingers or tongues to stimulate each others’ G-spots, dildos can bring a new dimension to lesbian sex. Nowadays, there are many various options for lesbians when it comes to sex toys with a whole special range of dildos exclusively made for lesbian sex. You might be surprised to see these new dildos that you can use for penetration or foreplay with your partner. The most popular dildos for lesbians are still penis shaped toys worn around your hips or thighs, strapped to a harness for exciting vaginal or anal penetration. With a harness, your hands are free for exploring your partner’s body for additional erotic stimulation. When choosing a dildo make sure it is of the perfect size, shape and material and always use lots of water-based lube or condoms. The lube provides better penetration and you can insert dildos smoothly this way ensuring that your partner enjoys to the fullest.

Dildos are great for lesbians

The Perfect Dildo for Lesbians

The best way to choose a dildo for lesbian sex would be going straight into sex shops where you can touch the toys and feel them in your hand. That way you would know what design or material you feel most comfortable with. If you buy dildos online, do some research and use fingers or your sex toys to measure yourself and your partner or you may get either too long or too short sex toys. With dildos it is better to get a bit longer one as you can use only one part of it for penetration, but if you have a short one there is nothing much you can do about it. As with width, you can check how many fingers your girlfriend enjoys most and compare it with the dildo. When buying harnesses always get tight ones that fit well on your waist or thighs and allow you to thrust hand-free. Harnesses also come with wireless vibrators for stimulating vagina and clitoris simultaneously or you can try double dildos that are longer and usually with two heads for two women to share. This makes sex more enjoyable as both women can reach orgasm even at the same time.

Safety Issues

When you use sex toys such as dildos you must be prepared that the toy itself is not all you must have for great lesbian sex. You will also need to have good quality lube and some good cleaning liquid. If your dildos are made of medical grade silicone you can boil them after sex or clean them with hot water and soap. This is especially important if you use dildos for vaginal and anal penetration or you share your sex toys to avoid infections and diseases. This may sound like unnecessary to point out, but always ask your partner what she likes in sex and keep in mind that not all lesbians love dildos for penetration.