Best Dildos For Masturbation

Be This Happy: Buy a Dildo!

Although it is absolutely natural for both men and women to masturbate in order to achieve orgasm without a partner, female masturbation has been considered a taboo for quite a long time. Women are still forbidden to express their sexual feelings in many countries where they are not even allowed to talk about sex with other females. In some other parts of the world, things are not so conservative and women openly discuss their masturbation techniques and toys. The most popular sex toys for masturbation are dildos that can be found in realistic shapes resembling real penises or in shapes that are not realistic. Which dildo to use for masturbation is a matter of personal preference. Women are said to like realistic dildos because the very act of masturbation is about simulating intercourse and reaching climax to relieve stress and sexual tension. With masturbation you can relieve frustrations, avoid sexually transmitted diseases and have your own sexual freedom.

Which Dildo To Choose

Dildos are made of various materials such as PVC, rubber, jelly, high grade medical silicone, cyberskin silicone and pyrex. Plastic and rubber dildos are generally cheaper and softer while silicone, pyrex or cyberskin dildos are more expensive but on the other hand more realistic and silky to the touch. They are the best for vaginal or anal insertion and it is easy to clean or sterilize them for safe use. When you buy dildos for masturbation always look for those made of phthalate free materials, silicone and pyrex glass being on top of the list. Dildos should be cleaned regularly and after each use, no matter if you use them in your own privacy or with a partner to spice up your relationship. If you are a beginner choose smaller dildos until you get familiar with your new sex toys and for those more experienced there are huge dildos that can only be inserted with lots of lubricant. For even more pleasure you can use vibrator dildos with additional features such as vibration and clitoral stimulation. These can be in shape of real penises or double dildos for simultaneous stimulation and sharing between partners.

How You Can Play With Dildos

Women prefer masturbation with dildos with suction cup bases that can be fixed on the floor or in the bath for easier hand-free insertion. These are also used by both men and women who love anal and prostate gland stimulation for better orgasms. In this case one must be careful not to push the dildo too deep into the rectum and using lubricants is a must. With double dildos you can play and share one dildo with your partner in several ways, vagina- to- vagina, vagina-to –anus or anus-to-anus penetration are examples of what you can do with a dildo. If you feel good about it try masturbating in front of your partner so he can see what arouses you best. This way you can enhance your sexual life and control your way to orgasm. Investing in a high quality dildo is never a bad decision be it for masturbation or fun with a partner.