Brutal Dildos

Dildos are penis –shaped sex toys often made to look like real penises,  used to stimulate both partners during intercourse or masturbation.  These toys can vary in size from average to really huge ones and although intense pleasure can be reached by any of them,  for some people extra large dildos are the only toys they appreciate.  The fact is,  there is no such thing as the right size – it is more a matter of personal choice and to explain the term brutal perhaps we can say that it originates from porn movies.  The creators of porns wanted men and women to spread the use of giant dildos in their offices and homes,  just for the sake of advertising something new.  Before buying a brutal dildo make sure you and your partner both agree on using one during your sexual intercourse and most of all make sure you can insert one or part of it at least.

Brutal Dildos

How do you know if you can take a penis much larger than your partner`s and if you are going to enjoy it?  Sex toys are meant for enjoyment not pain and if you are a beginner with huge dildos,   then use good judgement before getting one or get informed about which one to buy.  You will have to measure your private parts to see what length and width fits best.  To do this at home you can use some of the things like cucumbers or fingers.  If you are interested in huge dildos then you probably know that average erect penis size is from 5.5 to 7 inches.  Extremely large dildos can have insertion length of 5 to 15 inches .  As for width,  it varies from 1.5 to 4 inches and to make things clearer compare this with a can of coke.  Some brutal dildos come even wider than a can.  With brutal dildos you will need lots of lubricant and since some materials absorb well,  you will need to reapply as much lubricant as you need.   Keep in mind that you should not insert huge dildos with force or if you are not well aroused.

 Who Can Use Brutal Dildos

This is a question of anatomy really and even though human body has limitations when it comes to inserting dildos into your vagina or anus,    muscles can stretch over time.  Always start with smaller steps and try to relax as much as possible while breathing deeply.  Your partner can also help you with this but do not exaggerate as you might get seriously hurt.  It is partly true that only women who gave births are probably stretchable enough for these giant toys but this is not always so.

 Popular Brutal Dildos

Huge sex toys became popular in the 40s when they were made of rubber with a steel spring for stiffness.  Nowadays,  the more advanced technology creates huge dildos from silicone and the so called cyberskin.  Cyberskin refers to special kind of silicone that feels like real skin.  These are soft to the touch but at the same time firm and flexible enough.

  •  >Giant Jumbo Jack Black – this giant among dildos is scary and not for beginners.  It is 15 inches long and 2.5 to 3 inches wide with balls and firm shaft.   Make sure you insert this monster easily and with lots of lubricant.
  •  >Great American Challenge Dildo – this is really a king size one that measures 14.5 inches in length and 2.25 to 2.75 in diameter.   If you love thick toys this one will make you scream.  It is made of jelly rubber and used with water lubricants.  As with all other brutal dildos,  be extra careful.