Dildos For Men

There is nothing wrong with this title,  yes,  men love to experiment with dildos, too.  Although the very word dildo for most people refers to women using penis-shape toys for sex,  these toys are equally used by both genders.  Dildos for men can be in the shape and colour of natural penises but also can be found in more advanced designs.  Nowadays,  dildos are made of skin-like materials that are soft to the touch and feel almost like real skin.  Some people do not make a distinction between vibrators and dildos though.  Vibrators are sexual toys that have extra power to vibrate and move while dildos do not.  If you are a man and you feel like experiencing new sensations in sex with your female or male partner,  or on your own for masturbation,  it is recommended that you find the right dildo for yourself and use lots of lubricant.

Dildos For Men

Remember to use condoms on dildos if you intend to share them or use for vaginal and anal penetration.  There are men who prefer their female partners to penetrate them with a dildo which is said to give men the biggest orgasms as their G-spot is best reached through anus.  This has been a taboo for a long time and for a great  number of people it still is.  Well,  when it comes to sex people have different tastes and ideas of how to enjoy.

The Change

Women can help their male partners to reach orgasm by penetrating them anally using strapons for dildos.  This change in roles where man becomes the receptive partner may be a sexually arousing experience that can spice up sexual life of a heterosexual couple.  While penetrating her partner hands-free,  the woman can stimulate his penis and nipples as well as herself.  This sexual technique is practiced by many lesbian and gay couples as well.  To play this sexual game you will need to have a high quality dildo,   possibly silicone which is known for its smooth surface,  flexibility and stiffness.  Another important advice is to use  dildos made specifically for anal play and  lots of lubricant when stimulating male perineum and prostate spots.

For gay partners dildos are necessary tools when it comes to sexual intercourse.  Dildos can be used as extra toys to give anal penetration or oral sex or as substitutes for a real penis to hold orgasm and prolong natural erection in males.

 Safety Issues with Dildos for Men

Cleaning your dildo toys should be one of your regular habits and you should never forget to do this before and after having sex.  Bacteria stays in the many pores and ridges causing infections and diseases.  Before making your purchase always make sure the dildo is made of non porous,  non toxic and phthalate free material.  With some dildos it is possible to wash them in hot water and sterilize them but if you want to make sure your toys are safe,   you can put on a new condom each time you use a dildo with your partner.