Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes the Incredible Hunk

About Doc Johnson:
There are many manufacturers that exist today which are not paying much emphasis to exactly what a woman wants in terms of sexual intimacy and are creating products which are not providing the level of satisfaction that a woman desires for. Sexual toys are meant for your bodies and are meant to create a connection with your bodies which can take you to higher places of enhanced pleasure. This is something that a company like Doc Johnson understands and is continuously striving for. An American based company, they have employee strength of almost 500 people who are working towards the designing to the eventual execution of the product, so as to create an overall great experience. They are a company which has been established in the year of 1976 and have since then been providing great experiences worldwide. Being one of the oldest innovators in the industry, they have set the precedent for many to follow.

Insight into the product:
They boast of a 100% platinum premium silicone texture which automatically talks about the emphasis on quality. They fill the usual standards that a product of this quality requires such as being hypo-allergenic coupled with a heavy vein texture and is completely phthalate-free. This is the result of a wonderful experiment with size. This can deliver devastating orgasms over and over with its sheer size and is nicknamed “The Incredible Hunk” because of this. With an incredible 8.2” girth and 7.6” insertable length, this product is not for everyone as one needs to be prepared for their world to be blown away. It proudly displays American Pride.

Customer Reviews:
” This product can literally change the way you look at sexual nuances. It cannot be considered too long, the texture makes up for the extra girth and is even better with some colt slick lube. Put them in one plate and you can be prepared for a roller-coaster ride. It is a little on the expensive side but is worth every penny spent on it.”
“This product is an extremely innovative change in the world of sex toys. It contains a great comic style packaging; the sculpting has been almost perfect with great quality material with a silky smooth finish. However, I was a little surprised by the sheer size of the thing but the texture more than made up for the size and it was a lot more flexible than I thought it would be.
“I have not had a very good experience with this product. There were certain soft spots which had developed and despite keeping it in storage, it did not vanish. Upon further investigation, I found that the soft spots were being caused by a polystyrene-like core with an approximately 1 cm sheath of the silicone-resembling material covering it. So their claims about 100% silicone are not true. The soft spots were basically when the outer layer had been separated from the inner layer and had been broken. I feel ripped off by Doc Johnson”

All in all, this product has created the necessary attention that it needed around it and not just stopped at claiming attention with their innovation in packaging and appeal, but has surpassed expectations in terms of its overall feel. There have been certain people who have been unhappy with the product but like this product clearly showed, it was not a product which was meant for all. A majority of the women who have used it have claimed to have derived great experiences with its use and overall, comes across as a highly recommended product.