Double Dildos

When you start a new relationship passion and chemistry come first and you get aroused even while thinking of your partner.  After a time these feelings somehow change leaving you without that heat you once had,  causing your sex life to become a boring routine.  If you love your partner and want to spice things up in your bedroom,  try sex toys.  There is nothing wrong about this idea to enjoy more and experiment with your partner.  Dildos are just perfect toys for this that have been around for thousands of years,  in all civilizations and on all continents.  They are penis-like sex toys used for stimulation of your hot spots or penetration.  You can bring the passion back with dildos as they are designed in so many different ways that you can find it hard to decide which one to buy.  If you or your partner like large dildos you can find plenty of them on the market with life like features,  for those who like to finish in the more natural way there are ejaculating dildos and inflatable dildos can be inflated from small to large making it possible for you to try all sizes of penis in one intercourse.  Your partner may like anal stimulation which although still a taboo,  brings strong orgasms if you stimulate the right spots.  Further more,  with dildos sex will never be the same especially with double dildos meant for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration.  They are usually longer than 10 inches dildos with a head on each end,  made of materials such as jelly,  silicone or rubber.  There are many ways you can use double dildos,  alone or with your partner.

Some Ideas For Using Double Dildos

With double dildos you might have to be patient until you and your partner get used to it as some double dildos come with one longer and one shorter end so if you are not experienced,   it may happen that one of you is not happy about sharing the shorter end or simply because it slips.  They are exciting though because with them both partners can feel penetration at the same time which is not the case with normal dildos.  As for the positions it depends on your preferences and whether you like to receive or give in intercourse,  you can wear one end while penetrating your partner or you can share the dildo if both ends are of the same length.   They are best positioned with a harness when you can control it better.  It is easy to masturbate using a double dildo,  you can stimulate your vagina and anus at the same time.   Remember to always use lots of lubricant to make things smoother and never use silicone-lube with silicon toys because the toys will melt.  Also,  use a condom on the dildo if using it with multiple partners or if you want safe sex while stimulating different body parts.

Most Exciting Double Dildos

Double Dildos
  • Tantus Realdoe – a realistic double dildo that is made of silicone with one longer end and a vibrator hole.
  • Feeldoe  – this one is similar to Tantus with one end for business and the other for the wearer.  The dildo is made of silicone and can even be boiled for safety issues.
  • Whichever double dildo you choose it is essential that you communicate with your partner while using double dildos to make sure you both enjoy this unique sexual experience.