Ejaculating Dildos

The most advanced types of realistic dildos,  ejaculating dildos,  can prolong sexual intercourse and give you the best experience ever.  Dildos are sex toys made to resemble a real penis with a wide range of different designs,   realistic ones that look like a real penis,  in various colours ,  with balls,  vibrating and inflatable dildos that can give you the same sensation you get with a penis inside of you.  Sizes vary from small to huge and it is up to you to choose according to your needs and preferences.  For the most adventurous sex experience try the ejaculating dildos.  These can simulate the feeling of real intercourse as they are designed with a special feature.  They can shoot or cum just like a real penis and fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.

Superb Sex Machines

Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos may become your favourite toys you will use with your partner.  These sex machines look just like a normal dildo in terms of shapes,  sizes and design.  The only difference is that when you push a button or squeeze they offer either a modest dribble or strong ejaculation seen in porn stars.  There is no need to say how hot this can feel for partners or yourself if you masturbate.  To have a life like sexual experience with a dildo that is always hard,  always handy and realistic is heaven.  It is suggested that you fill them with water lubricant for a start or with sperm-scented fluid  which can be purchased separately or with the dildos.   Some people prefer to fill the dildos with their own sperm for a more realistic sexual adventure.  Make the dildo come in or all over you or your partner by squeezing the balls.  Ejaculating dildos are for men and women of all sexual orientations to have satisfying sex with a real finish.

Popular Ejaculating Dildos

  • Kong the Huge Giant Dildo – one of the most powerful dildos this king among sex toys is 9 inches long with 6.75 circumference and it is so much realistic that you would not believe your eyes when you first see him.  Kong is made of Sil-A-Gel and ABS Rubber,  in natural skin colour,  with fine veins and balls.  This large dildo has a strong suction cup so you can use it on all surfaces.  For women who wonder about what it feels like to have a big penis inside of them but cannot find partners so much endowed,  Kong is the answer.
  • Victor Veiny Ejaculating Dildo – another great sex toy with realistic features you will love.  Victor is 8 inches in length and 1.9 inches in diameter with balls that you can fill with liquid,  squeeze and enjoy the hottest sexual experience.  Victor is hard and yet flexible so it is easily inserted with lubricant for your ultimate ride to happiness.

With ejaculating dildos you can try flavoured liquids for oral sex or if you are more into real sex experience,  fill it up with real semen.  All you need is your imagination,  use it with your male partner for double orgasm,  one from your boyfriend and the other from the dildo.  For two women this can bring  great pleasure imitating sexual intercourse with men or use it with hands-free strapons and see what these new sex toys can give you.