Giant Dildos

Dildos are sex toys most widely used by men and women for reaching better orgasms and spicing up things in the bedroom or for masturbation.  They have been made of various materials and come in many shapes and sizes,  with additional features for better sex.  While some people prefer realistic dildos,  in the shape or real penises and in average size,  others love bigger toys either for the specific sensation or because they just love watching big dildos inserted in their vagina or anus.  The most important of all is for beginners to use smaller specimen as with huge or giant dildos one can easily be hurt and there are cases when people ended up in emergency rooms.  So,  what is it about giant dildos that is so fascinating?  If you think you can play with them without waking up your neighbors,  then forget about giant toys.  When you first look at these huge dildos the first thought is `wow, this is a monster` and really not many people can receive the monster.

Giant Victor

This giant dildo is a monster among dildos and not for the weak.  You really need to be extra careful and very curious to try this sex toy but if you do succeed to insert it then be prepared for some extra sensations.  Giant Victor weighs about 5 kilos and is more than 17 inches long with 19 inches in circumference.  This is a realistic dildo in shape of a real penis,  with veined shaft and extra firm that can be used in your swimming pool or wherever you feel like you need it.  No matter where you use it,  you definitelly need lubricants and patience until you can insert some of this giant dildo.  With this king of dildos you will never be lonely again or complain about girth.

Homo Gigantus Dildo

Giant Dildos

If you prefer huge firm dildos,   then this one is perfect for you.  It is a realistic dildo measuring 15 inches in length with 10 inches in circumference.  Homo is great for vaginal or anal penetrations but be careful and use lots of lubricant.  Also,  with such a huge dildo one should start easy if not used to wild toys.

Monstro Double Humper Huge Giant Dildo

For those who love thick,  big dildos this one is just amazing.  It can give awesome pleasure if you are into huge toys and its head is smaller than the shaft which makes it easier to insert.  The dildo is 15 inches long ,  available in beige and black and incredibly firm for pure pleasure.

Tantus T-Rex Giant Dildo

Women who experimented with this realistic,  giant dildo reported they were able to achieve great orgasms while others were disappointed with not being able to insert the T-Rex.  It is made of silicone,  smooth and flexible,  non toxic and hygienic.  The only thing one has to remember is to use lots of lube and to  go easy on this gigantic dildo with girth around 7 inches.   Women that are not used to giants of this type should make sure they are aroused before using their toys.