How To Use Vibrators

The ideas of how to use these popular sex toys are endless and the more imaginative you and your partner are the best sexual experience you will get.  Vibrators are dildos specially designed to give utmost pleasure by vibrating inside of you or on your G-spots.    They are used for stimulating vagina,  clitoris or for anal play during intercourse or masturbation.  These little items can add new dimensions to your sex life and spice things up for you and your partner.  If you are a beginner in the world of sex toys you might feel embarrassed when your first purchase arrives as manufacturers almost never send user manual with vibrators.  They probably think you know how to use them.  For proper use you must first know what you need a vibrator for and what your sexual preferences are when it comes to sizes and shapes.  Some vibrators come in penis-like shape others do not look like penises at all.  There are all kinds of different sizes as well,  from smaller and average ones to really huge specimen.  Make sure you have the right size vibrator or you may get disappointed.  When using one it is best if your partner gives you a hand or use strapons for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation.

Relax And Breathe

Vibrators are useful as they offer relaxation from stress and enhance endorphin levels.  When you use them make sure you are on your own or with a partner in a suitable place so that you are not disturbed by phones or anyone else.  Before you start with a vibrator you should get aroused which is great for reaching stronger orgasms and for inserting your vibrator in your vagina or anus.  If the vibrator is penis-shaped and your love big ones then relax your muscles down there and breathe.  Do  be patient and do not insert forcefully as you might get hurt.  Use plenty of lube,  water lubricants being widely used by most people and always apply more than you think you will need.  Women prefer to use vibrators for clitoral stimulation on their own as they claim men are just useless in this department.  Some people prefer to use vibrators in bath in which case of course,  you will need waterproof sex toys.

Use It With Your Partner

Heterosexual couples use vibrators to heat things up in bed or to add new dimensions to their sex lives.  They can penetrate each other or stimulate clitoris and prostate,  use double shaft vibrators with the main shaft in the vagina and the smaller part on clitoris.  If your male partner loves anal sex give him the pleasure of penetrating him with a vibrator looking for his G-spot and watch him explode from excitement when you reach the hot spot.  For womenwho are into double penetration,  your partners may use strapons to give you the best sex ever while penetrating both the vagina and anus at the same time.  If you are single and feel horny use your vibrator to experiment with your own body,  stimulate your body parts,  change the vibration speeds,  penetrate from different angles and change the pace from slow to fast.  For the most adventurous ones use vibrators while having a threesome,  where each partner can enjoy in all possible positions.