Inflatable Dildos

What is so appealing about penis shape sex toys that makes so many women visit sex shops looking for the right dildo?  Dildos are really the best toys a woman can have for experimenting with her partner or for exploring her own body while masturbation.  These toys come in all sizes from small to huge and in various shapes,  realistic dildos,  with balls and veins to look like a real penis,  or in designs that are not penis-like.  Which of the sizes to choose from depends on what you plan to use your dildo for,  is it for vaginal or anal penetration or for stimulating your clitoris.  Most people use dildos for internal stimulation so it is important to find a dildo in the right size.  Since buying dildos is not like shopping for jeans where you can try on the item,  it can happen that you purchase too small or too big ones.  If you need a dildo that transforms from average size to a large one within you,   giving you ultimate pleasure then go for inflatable dildos.  With them you can enjoy all sizes,  thick dildos or smaller dildos – the choice is all yours.

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Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos allow you to prolong your sexual intercourse or foreplay in such a way that your sexual life will never be the same.  Once you insert a dildo you can use a little pump attached to it to increase the size of the artificial penis by filling it with air.  This way you can play with the dildo pumping it and releasing air when you want to change the size and get a vibrating sensation.  When the valve is open inflatable dildos can give the throbing feeling just like when the shaft pulsates inside of you like a real penis.  Inflatable dildos have a rigid core running through the centre of the shaft so you can have a hard sex toy that will never let you down.   You should always use lubricant with dildos especially those made of latex or rubber for easier and safe insertion.  Add a harness,  and your hands are free to do other things your partner will enjoy.

Popular Inflatable Dildos

  • Mighty Bliss 7.5 Inch Inflatable Vibrating Dildo –  feels  like real skin with finelly structured veins and head,  all in natural colour.  It is long enough to give you the biggest orgasm but if you inflate it you can expect even more pleasure.  Its vibrating function is located in the core of the head with three speeds for you to stimulate your G-spot  and A-spot.
  • Supreme Nature Inflatable Vibrating Dildo- this exceptional realistic dildo is soft to the touch but powerful enough to make you feel in heaven while inserting it.  You can pump it up to 11.75 inches in circumference and switch on the vibrations for extra pleasure.  The dildo is of natural colour with veins and made of skin-like material.

Probably the most suitable feature of those sex toys is they can be used by beginners at smaller sizes and when inflated they become monsters for more advanced users who prefer huge dildos.  They are a must for people who love long sexual intercourse with hot positions and foreplay.