Large Dildos

Dildos are among the most favorite sex toys that can bring great pleasure if used properly or you can get hurt if using one with force and without lubricants.  They are just like any other product on the market produced in different shapes and sizes.  There are smaller ones,  large and huge ones,  realistic shape or completely innovated shapes, different colours or in colour of a penis,  with balls or without them,  ejaculating dildos,   with additional mechanism for vibrating,  rotating  or with waves and bumps that provide extra sensation during sex.  Dildos are used for vaginal or anal penetration,  or for oral sex games with partners or while masturbating.

Why Large Dildos?

Large Dildos

Simply because some people prefer the feeling they get with these big toys inserted.  They claim that this way orgasms are much stronger and cannot be compared to anything they experienced in sex before.   With large dildos you can play and have sex whenever you want to without having a partner or if you have one,  then you do not have to think of his erection as dildo can replace him.  This is exactly where things get complicated.  Believe it or not,  it happened  that couples experimented with  large dildos,  bigger than the male partner`s penis,  when after some time the woman realized she adored the dildo more than sex with her man.  Although these are extreme situations,  they do happen and you should probably think about this before buying a large dildo for your wife or girlfriend.

What To Look For in Large Dildos

Most manufacturers offer a great choice of big dildos at reasonable prices.  If you want to purchase one of these large sex toys there are a few things you should look for in a dildo.  First of all,  it must be made of high quality material,  the one that is non toxic and phthalate and latex free as these are known to cause infections and cancer.  The best materials for dildos are silicone,  glass,  aluminium or stainless steel.  For a large dildo to be used more easily one has to apply lots of lubricant and reapply during sexual intercourse.  If you like you can use strapons or harnesses with your sex toy to experience different sexual positions and arousal.

  • The General By Tantus – this large toy is not for beginners as it is about 7 inches long and with 6.75 girth which is really a challenge. The General can be used for vaginal or anal sex and is made of fine silicone non toxic material.  Before using it you should warm up as without proper arousal it can cause micro tear due to its size.  One more thing is that you should use water based lubricants with this large silicone dildo.  This big toy is not realistic though so it might not satisfy those who prefer penis-like shapes.  As for cleaning it,  you can soak it in  hot water and clean it with soap,  or even put it in the dishwasher on the top rack.