Monster Dildos

So you think it is time for you to go for something bigger than your usual dildo?  You will have no problem with choosing one as there are so many monster dildos on the market waiting to give you that extra sensation you have been looking for.  Some women claim it is hard for them to find a very gifted lover so they purchase one of those monster sex toys for ultimate pleasure.  Monster dildos come in various shapes and are all very long and thick.  They do not have additional vibrating feature as this would be too much with such a huge dildo but they do give cosmic orgasms.  These huge toys are best used with the help of your partner and with lots of foreplay as you can only insert one if aroused  and well lubricated.  You will probably need a whole jar of lubricant for one of those but for women who enjoy riding monster dildos even the discomfort is part of the fun.  Those who fantasize about a powerful lover taking them will love the feeling they get with monster dildos.  Despite the fact that women prefer bigger penises,  there is only a small number of them who buy monster dildos.

How To Use a Monster Dildo Safely

Monster Dildos

It has already been stated that with monster dildos you must use lots of lubricant,  but is this all it takes?  Well,  depends on how elastic your vagina is and how advanced you are when it comes to using huge dildos.  Anyway,  to use them safely a woman must be careful and use a condom if necessary for easier slide.  If you feel like you cannot insert it comfortably then think of getting a slightly smaller one as you may hurt yourself badly.

The Most Popular Monsters

Monster Mark Massive 10 Inch Dildo – this huge toy is made of comfortable TPR material,  it bends and is flexible enough to make penetration easier.  The Monster is a realistic dildo in real penis colour with veins and balls.  It has a thick 7.5 inches shaft for deep penetration and is best used with a condom.

Girthy Monster Dildo – is another monster among dildos.  It is not realistic in shape and made of latex- free vinyl.  The Monster is 10 inches in length with the insertable part of 9 inches and 10.5 inches girth.  It can give the best sensation to advanced users and is not for beginners.

Monster 13 Inch Huge Dildo Vibrator – although monster dildos do not come with vibrators this one is an exception.  It is realistic with veins and superbly detailed so it look like a real penis.  With 13 inches in length and an 8 inches girth this monster will give you the pleasure you have been dreaming of.

Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein – this green dildo is one of a kind really with more than 10 inches in length and 2 inches thick.  It is made of high quality silicone and in perfect shape,  slightly curved to stimulate your G-spot for best orgasm.  This green monster looks spooky but that is part of the fun you can expect to have with it.