Most Popular Dildos

If you enjoy using sex toys then you probably have your favorite dildo that brings you moments of intense pleasure when you need it most. People have been using dildos for thousands of years, from simple stone or wooden ones to high-tech silicone ones nowadays, that resemble real penises covered in cyberskin .

Happy females come from happy dildos

Cyberskin is a special type of silicone that makes dildos feel like real things to the touch. With so many different sizes, designs and shapes, dildos have become the most popular sex toys that ended taboos and opened a new door to sexual freedom for everyone. Dildos are used for masturbation and vaginal or anal penetration. They can relieve stress after a busy day and increase endorphine levels, therefore some experts even recommend sex toys for regular use especially to single people. For couples, dildos can bring new dimensions in their sex lives and enhance sexual pleasure.

Trendy Dildos

What are some of the most popular dildos that rank high among thousands of sex toys? What special features make them so popular? First of all, with all the most popular dildos there is one common characteristic that contributes to their popularity – they are comfortable for penetration. Another important thing is that popular dildos are all ergonomic in design although they are not all realistic (click here to find realistic dildos). They are designed to be flexible enough to fit well and yet they are hard like real penises. The latest trends for dildos to look for are silicone material and more discreet almost like futuristic designs.

  • Lelo Soraya – at first look, this silicone vibrating modern dildo leaves you wondering what you should do with it. It comes with a little knob attached for clitoral stimulation and the toy is quiet and waterproof so you can use it in bath for your own sexual relaxation moments.
  • Basix 7.5 Inch Dildo – a realistic dildo that is smooth and so lifelike you would not believe it. It has all the features of a real penis, the colour, head and soft balls. Basix dildos are popular for their most realistic design while the material provides safe use as they are made of phthalate free rubber.
  • The Love Rider Double Dildo – a simple and yet most comfortable design is what makes this dildo unique and so popular. This is a strapless strap-on dildo without vibration that is used between two partners with one part in the dominant and the other in the submissive partner. It is made of flexible silicone with a rounded end for G-spot stimulation while your hands stay free for more erotic stimulation.
  • Don Wands Ribbed Pyrex Dildo – its interesting shape and double ends make this dildo very popular. It is made of pyrex glass that is phthalate free, non-toxic and suitable for insertion. This dildo can be cooled or heated for extra sensations, and it is easy to clean. You can use it for masturbation and vaginal or anal penetration.

Whichever dildo is your favorite, make sure that you always use lots of lubricant for easier insertion and that the dildo is clean and made of non-toxic materials.