New Users Guide

The history of dildo goes back to ancient times 28,000 years ago when people experimented with sex toys  made of silt-stone,  polished and nine inches long.  Dildos were also popular in ancient Egypt and in Renaissance period but they were made of uncomfortable materials such as wood or leather lubricated with olive oil.  Compared to modern designs and materials,  the first dildos could not have brought much pleasure to their owners.  The word dildo is said to origin from Latin word `dilatare` which means to open wide or from Italian word `diletto` or delight and these sex toys are used as substitutes for a penis,  for vaginal,anal or oral stimulation.  In any case,   it has been used for enhancing one`s sexual pleasure and exploring new sexual techniques with partners.  These toys can be real fun if you and your partner are willing to experiment in your bedroom or you can use them on your own and discover new things about your sexuality.

 About Shapes,Material And Sizes

Dildo Review

With dildos used on the most delicate parts of one’s body it is of extreme importance that they are made of high quality material which not only feels comfortable but also does not contain harmful chemicals which are easily absorbed through skin.  For a dildo to give pleasure it must be the size of a penis and your choice of material and shape  depends on your needs.

  • >Sizes – always choose smaller,  thinner ones for beginners as you may need some time until you are comfortable with your new toy.   The sensation is not always about the size of a dildo and it should not be too small or too big so choose according to how many fingers you can insert into yourself.
  • >Shapes – when it comes to shape,  there are so many different ones on the market,  curved dildos,  flaccid,  with balls,  twists and waves,  dildos for clitoral stimulation,  curved and angled for your G-spot stimulation and many others.  You should experiment with various shapes to find the one that gives you the most powerful orgasms.  Dildos should be smooth,  made of strong material and the simpler the better.
  • > Material – dildos can be found not only in various shapes and sizes but also made of glass,  metal,  aluminium,  anodized aluminium,  wood,  acrylic,  silicone,  cyberskin or stainless steel.  With each of these materials you can find interesting features meant for your ultimate pleasure.  Some people recommend only silicone dildos as they are hypoallergenic and non-porous so there is no danger of your skin absorbing dangerous chemicals.  With glass dildos,  however,  it is possible to heat your toy and use it warm or to cool it.

Whichever of the dildos described you choose keep in mind that you should never use the same one for anal and vaginal penetration because of bacterial infections.  Remember to always sterilize your dildos or clean them in hot water with soap to disinfect them.

 Experiment For Spectacular Results

If you have never before used sex toys consider using one either for your own pleasure when you want to relax or to spice up your marriage or relationship.  You and your partner might be surprised what difference a little sex toy can make.