Non-Toxic Dildos

Non-Toxic Dildos are Available and Recommended

When you buy your sex toys you spend most of your time looking for that perfect shape or girth. Little do you realise that your toys that you love using with your partner for those extra erotic sensations could harm your health and cause serious diseases. This is due to the harmful materials and substances used in the production of dildos and vibrators .Another huge problem lies in the fact that since the production of dildos is not regulated by any law, manufacturers label them as “novelty only” and are free to use any material they wish without having any responsibility for any health issues their sex toys may cause. In reality, when you purchase a dildo it usually comes in a package without a user manual and you can only guess what the dildo is made of or if you want to make sure it is safe, you can always do some research before buying one. Remember also that most manufacturers claim their toys to be made of non-toxic materials which in many cases is not true. With this in mind, always go for specific materials and renowned manufacturers.

Not All Dildos are Safe

Since dildos are used in the most sensitive body parts and on your mucus membranes that absorb chemicals easily, it is of utmost importance that you choose a safe dildo. Some sex toys are made of plastic or jelly rubber with chemical plasticizers added for extra flexibility or softness. These plasticizers are also called phthalates which are responsible for most diseases that sex toys may cause with rash and infections, lower sperm quality, neurological diseases and cancer being some of them. To avoid the dangers of getting in touch with those hazardous materials always buy from renowned manufacturers and look for medical grade materials for higher safety. Non-toxic dildos should never have that heavy rubbery smell as this means there are considerable amounts of phthalates in them.

  • Medical grade silicone – even with this material one should be careful because so many sex toys are said to be made of silicone. Not every type of silicone is non-toxic, therefore look for 100% medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, hygienic and can be sterilized. Although sex toys made of this high quality silicone are expensive, they are worth the money as you will get dildos that last long and are safe for use.
  • Pyrex glass – this is another great, safe material used for dildos known also as borosilicate. Pyrex glass is non porous which means it does not absorb anything, is easily cleaned and hypoallergenic. Dildos made of this material are smooth and do not require much lubricant for easy penetration.

Best Non-Toxic Dildos

You will notice the best non-toxic dildos are at the same time the most expensive ones that you can find, The Smitten Kitten, LELO, Vibratex, Tantus, Fun Factory, Erotic Embrace being some of the best companies in the field. If you care about your health, then you must be prepared to invest a bit more in an excellent sex toy so you can enjoy freely and safely.