Realistic Dildos

The design and quality of sex toys have been improved so that there are hundreds of different types of dildos on the market.  Whether you prefer smaller ones or huge ones,  realistic shape or a different one,  dildos can bring you sexual pleasure and relaxation when you most need it.  Dildos are the most popular aids for masturbation among women.   Basically,  these popular sex toys come in two designs – in the shape of a real penis or in any other suitable shape.  Which one to get is the question of your personal preferences and budget.  Ever since ancient times people have made their sex toys attempting to make them look like real penises.  With modern technology the shape and features of dildos have been so improved that if you look at them it is hard to say whether they are real or not.   Realistic dildos are usually more expensive,  but  they can last for a year or so and many women like to invest in a good quality one.    Most women  prefer realistic dildos as they are a substitute for a real penis and this is exactly what dildos are made for.

Vibrating Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos

The production of artificial penises have advanced so much that nowadays they are made of jelly or  high-tech materials such as special silicone called cyberskin  that feels like real skin,  it warms to body temperature and is designed with veins for extra sensation  and in realistic penis colour.  It is advisable that you should use condoms with cyberskin due to its porous characteristics.  Some dildos are even modeled after porn star penises or named after them.  Realistic dildos can be found in various sizes although the recommended size is that of 5 inches in length and about 1 and a half inches wide which is the width of an average penis.  Women who like to experiment with larger toys can get dildos that are 2 inches wide and 6 inches long.  Be careful though as with longer dildos you may hit your cervix and get hurt.  If you like vibrators then you would be interested in buying vibrating realistic dildos.  These vibrators can have three speeds for more pleasure and are said to give you explosive orgasms.

8 Inch Vibro-Realistic Squirmy From Doctor Johnson

The main reason this vibrator deserves our attention here is that it is not actually a vibrator but has this squirmy feature which feels like  a real penis inside of you.  The design is realistic with balls,   veins and perfect colour.  It does not vibrate but squirms in a pulsating motion like a real penis which is the reason most women love it.

Clean Your Toys

Cleaning your sex toys is necessary if you want to avoid any infection and experts even recommend sterilizing them.  You can clean them with hot water and soap or get special cleaning solution.  Remember to always keep your silicone dildos away from other silicone toys as they can melt when together as a result of chemical reactions.  Keep them in freezer bags,  for example,  and in your drawers.