Silicone Dildos

Your sexual life will never be the same again once you buy a dildo.  If you want to experience different,  new sensations or to experiment with your own sexuality then a dildo is the right choice.  You can use this most popular sex toy for vaginal,  anal,  oral sex or for exploring your own body while masturbating.  The possibilities are that you will get used to dildos more than you think and of course the more you use them the more various dildos you want to try.  Experienced users say the best dildos are made of silicone that has some very important characteristics when it comes to sex toys.  They must be durable so that they do not break easily,  firm and yet flexible enough to be inserted easily.  This is exactly what silicone is known of.  The material used for producing dildos nowadays is actually medical grade silicon which is non toxic,  hypoallergenic and durable.  Silicon is a specific material in that it can be heated and cooled down without any damage– these features are very important in sex toys as they are frequently used.  With all other materials you cannot get the same feeling you have with silicone dildos because they are elastic but sturdy which prevents your sex toys from breaking off.

Benefits of Dildos

The best brands and designs do cost more than other dildos on the market but to invest in a good silicone dildo means to have a good sex toy for years to come.  Although there are dildo designs that are available at lower prices,  silicone dildos have their benefits that no other material can beat.  They are safe to use as you can clean them,  wash them in hot water or even in the dishwasher.  Women prefer silicone toys for several reasons one of them being that silicone is known to be phthalate free and non cancerous,  also dirt and bacteria simply slip off silicone which is of utmost importance for safe sex. Dildos made of silicone are usually smooth,  some feel like silk and can be used for all sorts of sexual activities even in the bath as silicone is waterproof material.

The Most Renowned Manufacturers Of Silicone Dildos

Silicone Dildos

Most manufacturers offer silicone dildos but some have such an advance technology that their silicone dildos are among the top ones.  Fun Factory Sex Toys is one example of a successful,  innovative company with high quality products for vaginal and anal sex,  vaginal balls,  male toys and strapons or harnesses.  Another equally renowned company is Tantus Sex Toys Company with a wide array of products mostly dildos and vibrators in imaginative designs.

Women all over the world have been enchanted by a new kind of silicone material that is used for manufacturing dildos.  This material is called soft dual density silicone from which fantastic real life dildos are made,  soft to the touch like natural skin and able to give the best experience for those who love playing with sex toys.