Tantus Realdoe Slim Flesh Review

About Tantus:
The vision of Tantus is “good, clean fun”. Tantus was born from the simple idea that people’ hopes and aspirations in their bedroom deserved due credit and they wanted to challenge the existing ethos of an industry where they wanted to bring something that people truly deserved- Sexual Ecstasy.
Meltis Black began making various products which were hand-crafted which required long hours of sculpting, prototyping and testing, erotic colours being put into wonderful sequences in order to come up with a product that could change people’s sexual lives as they knew it. The main thing that differentiates Tantus from its competitors is the fact that at the time, many manufacturers were using silicone as the most preferred material but the base material contained white filler. Meltis Black was responsible in creating a far more superior grade of silicone to create her own unique formula, not only to be found in high end shops but readily available to the mass market.

Product Description and Dimensions:
This is a variation of the classic Tantus Realdoe. This contains all the features of its classic but in a slimmer and a shorter form. It offers the same amount of pleasure and realism but as a slimmer version, since it is something that can be experienced as a more neutral product. The Realdoe Slim is made from fresh silicone from Tantus Realdoe Ultra-Premium Silicone which makes it look as real as possible and feels fleshy- just like a real cock. This particular feature allows you to focus on the experience rather than on the equipment. The dimensions of the product are just perfect measuring 6X2X8 inches weighing about 8 ounces. There are some questions which we could cover which are commonly asked by certain customers:
Is there any large difference in size between this product and the regular Realdoe?
There is a difference between the two. The slim measures about 5.5 inches long by 1.25 inches wide. The rider bulb is about 3.5 inches wide. The original classic measures about 6 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width.
What is the best lube to use with this dildo?
Since Realdoe’s are made with 100% silicone, it is not advisable to use any kind of silicone-based lube as silicone lube can break down solid lube. Any water-based lube should do the trick.

Customer Reviews:
“The touch is extremely soft. After initially thinking that this would be a painful insertion, it’s easy and comfortable in any position. Storing it in cornstarch not only prevents the silicone from getting bad but also adds to the quality of the surface by giving it a soft-surface quality.”
“I wish I could have waited for this one. This is so much lighter as compared to the previous edition and so much easier to use without a harness. The size is great but not so much that my partner feels any kind of discomfort the following day.”

This one can easily be called as a classy addition to the collection and is recommended as one of the products which one should definitely experiment with, after reading and buying enough products. For some who might have found the Classic Realdoe a little dissatisfying, this one more than makes up for your disappointment by providing a sense of feeling and sensations that are quite unique in their use. All in all, this is a product to watch out for as this might just “eat” all the competition away and create a whole new category of awesome with so much emphasis being paid on quality.