Vibrating Dildos

Sex toys have been in use for more than two thousand years with the first (but probably not best) dildos found in the ancient city of Pompeii.  Later on in Victorian times doctors used dildos to treat female hysteria and anorexia nervosa.  They recommended that their female patients masturbate to relieve stress and negative feelings as they believed these can be cured by regular orgasms.  Old sex toys were not electronic but they did have features that allowed them to vibrate in the body and help women reach sexual satisfaction.  With modern era however,  new sex toys have been invented and are still being developed.  Ever since 1983 when the first rabbit vibrator was released these practical sex toys have been so popular that for most women they are just an everyday item such as a mobile phone.  Today there are vibrators,  dildos and vibrating dildos that men and women can use with their partners or for masturbation.  Women are known to reach orgasm not as fast as their male partners so they love using vibrating dildos to stimulate their clitoris and vagina for more pleasure.  Vibrating dildos come in many shapes,  sizes and functions and you can find realistic dildos,  strapon dildos for stimulating your partner vaginally or anally,  dildos that are more sophisticated in design,  double-ended,   and talking of sizes we can choose from small ones to monster dildos.  As for functions,  vibrating dildos have at least three levels of vibration and speed while the most advanced models have a thrusting motion.

How To Choose A Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating Dildos

Which vibrating dildo to choose is really a personal thing and depends on what you intend to use your dildo for.  It is important that you know as much as possible about these sex toys and in case you plan a trip to the sex shop do touch different sex toys or keep them in your hand to see which one feels  best.  Do not only look for the most comfortable shape but also for the best material as with high quality material such as silicone,  you get high safety and protection from diseases.   If your option is a silicone dildo which is a good choice,  you will be happy to know that silicone dildos can easily be cleaned,  they are non toxic and phthalate free.  One more tip would be for you to note whether the vibration comes from top or base of the vibrator as this affects the intensity of sensations you will feel.

Popular Dildo Brands

  • The Jack Rabbit – most women know what this awesome vibrating dildo is about.  It is designed to stimulate your clitoris and your vagina at the same time.  There are floating pearls or beads inside the shaft that actually rotate inside your vagina giving you unique pleasure while your clitoris is also stimulated by rabbit ears.    Women say this is one of a kind when it comes to vibrating dildos and many admit that no man can give such an intense orgasm.
  • College Stud Vibrating Dildo – this is a dildo in realistic shape and natural penis colour made of cyberskin that feels natural to the touch.  Once you insert the batteries and turn on the multi-speed dial you will feel extreme pleasure plus it is flexible and bends in all directions for your ultimate sexual experience.  It is called a stud with a reason.