Vixen Creations ‘Colossus Masturbator Chocolate’ Review

Introduction to Vixen Creations:
The sex industry has been seen to have only grown in popularity along the years, and Vixen Creation is held as one of the most trusted brands. Since the year of 1992, Vixen Creation has been manufacturing premium sex toys made of silicon. Owning their own space in the world of providing illicit sexual pleasure and services ever since. Wherein, the intricacy of fine art and eroticism are aligned into their meticulously hand-crafted adult toys. The company has been particularly dedicated to reaching higher levels of perfection while manufacturing their products. Regardless of the onslaught of names that have entered this now booming industry, Vixen Creation has continued to be the most trusted name amongst women from all walks of life, who want to achieve higher levels of satisfaction. Women have always been inexplicably decisive on getting what they want, and Vixen Creation having provided a lifetime guarantee on its products; leaving the ladies and the men with much less of a decision to make and more time for pleasures sake!
Product description:
This product by Vixen Creation is called the Colossus mode, it is a ride on extender; which is also available in the variations of the colours caramel tan, chocolate brown and vanilla ivory, each of which products are sold separately. The product is described as a prosthetic penis attachment, that has in most cases come to be a lifesaver in situations wherein men might suffer from an erectile dysfunction or are unhappy with the size of their penis. It also works around fulfilling a man’s desire for the penis size he would love to have. This ride on extension, is designed in a way to effortlessly fit around the penis (of any size) and wrap around the testicles, you have to gently pull the ring wide enough to fit them around your testicles before you let it close in. For added comfort and pleasure on the inside as well as the outside, apply lubricant to the inside of the Colossus as well as your penis. The instructions to using this Colossus model, is simple and are provided to the customer on purchase, following which you will have the penis and the pleasure that you have always wanted.
Customer Reviews:
“The product is definitely worth the expense! It is made of high grade silicone, and this material is truly ideal. The particular silicon used to manufacture the Colossus is softer in texture, making it squishy and flexible. It is colourless, odourless, tasteless, neutral and non-reactive. You can sterilize the product by boiling it, and when taken proper care of it could last you a life time!”

“Awesome! My wife loves it when I use the Colossus. We bought our first Colossus ½ years ago, and it is still as good as new, in spite of the fact that it has been used a lot. My wife has multiple orgasms, it transfers the feeling well and is perfectly comfortable!”
It is by far, one of the finest products, providing dual satisfaction. The pricing of the product has been justified, and it has been regarded as worth the buy because of its ability to satisfy the customer, durability, and safety. It provides for an extension of your pleasure!